County ManagerCounty Manager<p><span style="color:#000000;">The County Manager serves as Chief Executive Officer of Burke County government, appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the <a href="/departments/board-of-commissioners"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc">Board of County Commissioners</font></span></a>, which sets policies and adopts ordinances that regulate Burke County government. In addition to carrying out the day-to-day administration of County government, the County Manager is responsible for implementing policies established by the Board of Commissioners, coordinating the work of all <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc">County agencies</font></span></a>, and representing the County in dealings with other governmental units and agencies. The Manager’s duties include preparing the county wide recommended <a href="/departments/Finance/county-budget"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc">budget</font></span></a>, recommending new and revised policies and programs to the Board of Commissioners, and implementing county programs and services in an effective and efficient manner.</span></p>



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County Manager's Office

P.O. Box 219
Morganton, NC 28680
Phone: (828) 764-9350
Fax:     (828) 764-9352

County Manager

Bryan Steen

Executive Assistant to the County Manager / Deputy Clerk

Lance Riddle
Phone: (828) 764-9353
Fax:     (828) 764-9352

Deputy Co. Manager/Finance Director

Margaret Pierce
Phone: (828) 764-9058
Fax:     (828) 764-9351

Deputy Co. Manager/Community Development Director

Scott Carpenter
Phone: (828) 764-9032
Fax:     (828) 764-9031