Valdese Recreation Center to be Used as a Shelter<div class="ExternalClass544B9C7DF9A646809C8000A434275236"><p>​Due to power outages and damages from the recent storm, the Valdese Recreation Center, located at 312 Massel Ave SE, Valdese, NC, 28690, will be used a shelter beginning today at 4 p.m. </p><p> Below is information from the Red Cross on what to bring (and what not to bring) to a shelter:</p><p> <strong>Do Bring:</strong></p><ul><li>Bedding</li><li>Clothing</li><li>Medications</li><li>Your child's stuffed animal, </li><li>Blanket or other "lovey"</li><li>Your emergency kit</li></ul><p><strong> </strong><strong>Don't Bring:</strong></p><ul><li>Alcoholic beverages</li><li>Illegal drugs</li><li>Weapons</li><li>Pets</li></ul><p> To report damages 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., please call 828-764-9320.</p><p>For calls after 5 p.m., please call 828-764-9120.</p></div> Recreation Center to be Used as a Shelter Page News/DispForm.aspx?ID=127 | Lance Riddle | 693A30232E777C6275726B655C6C616E63652E726964646C65 i:0#.w|burke\lance.riddle10/25/2017 7:36:10 PM09715aspx Page News/AllItems.aspxFalse