WPCOG Urgent Repair Loan Funds<div class="ExternalClass38DB6A7CE66F4E2EA08FAC8AB81AEC3F"><p>​The Western Piedmont Council of Governments is receiving applications for Urgent Repair loan funds.  This program is sponsored by the NC Housing Finance Agency with funds provided by the NC Housing Trust Fund.  Alexander, Burke and Caldwell County will receive $50,000 each of this multi-county loan to assist at least 9 <strong>Homeowners</strong> in each county.  This loan must alleviate housing conditions, which pose an imminent threat to life or safety.   An eligible household must have very-low income and special needs.  Special needs include households with members who are at least 62 years old; or handicapped or disabled members; or a single parent with at least one dependent child in residence; or households with five or more persons; or a Military Veteran or the household has a child or children below the age of six whose blood lead levels are elevated.  This program can also enable frail elderly homeowners, and others with physical disabilities living in the home, to remain in their homes by providing essential accessibility.  If you have any questions, call Jennifer Cannon, Community Development Administrative Assistant, 828-485-4250.</p></div>http://www.burkenc.org/departments/county-manager/WPCOG Urgent Repair Loan Fundshttps://intranet.burkenc.org/WebsiteContent/Lists/Home Page News/DispForm.aspx?ID=201https://intranet.burkenc.orglance.riddle@burkenc.org | Lance Riddle | 693A30232E777C6275726B655C6C616E63652E726964646C65 i:0#.w|burke\lance.riddle12/27/2018 7:24:18 PM05661aspxhttps://intranet.burkenc.org/WebsiteContent/Lists/Home Page News/AllItems.aspxFalse