General ServicesGeneral Services<p>​Burke County General Services is comprised of the following:</p><p> <a href="/departments/general-services/water-and-sewer"><strong>Water and Sewer</strong></a> - Provides water and sewer services to some citizens depending on location of service lines.  </p><p><a href="/departments/general-services/waste-management"><strong>Waste Management</strong></a> - Operation of the county John's River Waste Management Facility as well as six auxiliary convenience centers for Burke County residents.</p><p> <strong>Maintenance and Operations </strong>- Upkeep of all county buildings, grounds, and facilities.</p>





EM Storage Site - Site Plan Documents/Departments/General Services/EM-Equip-Storage-Site.pdfEM Storage Site - Site Plan
RFP for EMS Bldg Documents/Departments/General Services/RFP EMS Bldg 7Dec2017.pdfRFP for EMS Bldg