AccomplishmentsAccomplishments<blockquote dir="ltr" style="margin-right:0px;"><p> <strong>Office Accomplishments</strong></p></blockquote><ul><li>Created Mission, Vision, and Value Statements for Office</li><li>Developed Customer Action Plan for staff to meet customer satisfaction expectations and goals</li><li>Implemented weekly staff meetings</li><li>Completed inventory of records and other documents housed at ROD office</li><li>Began accepting credit cards at office counter</li><li>Created and Developed a Register of Deeds Handbook for staff</li><li>Established a Stakeholder Advisory Committee; Meets Bi-Annually</li><li>Developed Customer Satisfaction Survey for in-office transactions and on web-site</li><li>Web-Page redesigned</li><li>All standard documents translated to Spanish</li><li>Expanded E-recording Vendors</li><li>Developed an office call tree </li><li>Developed Informational Brochures for Vital Records and Marriage Licenses</li><li>Developed a Spanish Overview Booklet for the Register of Deeds office</li><li>Completed Marriage License Tutorial Video for web-page</li><li>Created a Register of Deeds Face Book page </li><li>Created an Emergency Action Plan for office </li><li>Obtained in-office seating for customers</li><li>Implemented new cashiering system</li><li>Implemented Same-Day Passport Photo Service  </li><li>Developed a Restoration Schedule for Records</li><li>Changed over to a new software system with Courthouse Computer Systems </li><li>Changed over to a new online vital records request system, Get Certificate Now</li><li>Expedited Shipping Service for online vital record requests</li><li>Started E-Recording Plats </li><li>Implemented Fraud Detection Notification System </li></ul> <strong>Professional & Civic Accomplishments</strong> <p> </p><ul><li>2017 Western Piedmont Community College Outstanding Alumnus Award (2018)</li><li>Member of NC Land Title Association (2018)</li><li>Member of Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) (2018)</li><li>Burke Events Executive Board (Secretary-2018)</li><li>Certified Register of Deeds through NC Register of Deeds Association (2017)</li><li>Appointed to NC State Constitution/ By-Laws and Resolution Committee for Register of Deeds (2017)</li><li>NC Property Mappers Association (2017)</li><li>NC Notary Association (2016)</li><li>North Carolina Association of Register of Deeds (2016)</li><li>Appointed to Burke County Council on Aging (2016-2017)</li><li>Morganton Kiwanis Club (2016-2018)</li><li>Appointed to NC Clinical Policy State Workgroup (2014-2016)</li><li>Member of Foothills Landlord Association (2014)</li><li>Employee of the Year, Foothills Area Program (2006)<br><br><strong> </strong><strong>Community Collaboration</strong></li></ul><ul><li>Participation in Career days at local middle schools and high schools </li><li>Donation to the Gingerbread House for Child Abuse Awareness Month on behalf of this office. </li><li>Participation in Color Burke </li><li>Hosted a Plat Review Workshop in collaboration with NC Secretary of State </li><li>Annual Veteran's Appreciation Day Event </li><li>Special Wedding Day Events</li><li>Became a Voter Registration Site for County </li><li>Educational/Informational Booths</li><ul><li>Drexel Fair </li><li>Historic Waldensian Festival </li><li>Burke County Black History Festival</li><li>Historic Morganton Festival</li><li>Rutherford College Fall Festival</li></ul></ul><ul><li>Completed a training video for the new online public search site for the general public</li><li>Held training sessions for the new software system for the general public and other stakeholders</li><li>Implemented inner office Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services</li> <li>Youth in Government Participation </li><li>Annual Customer Appreciation Day </li><li>Guest Speaking Engagements</li><ul><li>AARP Burke Chapter </li><li>Foothills Surveying Association</li><li>Burke County Republican Morning Social</li><li>Burke County Realtors Association</li><li>Foothills Landlord Association</li></ul></ul>