AccomplishmentsAccomplishments<p><strong>Accomplishments</strong></p><p><strong>First 30 days in office (12/5/16-1/4/17)</strong></p><ul><li>Created Mission, Vision, and Value Statements for Department</li><li>Developed Customer Action Plan for staff to meet customer satisfaction expectations and goals</li><li>Implemented weekly staff meetings</li><li>Completed inventory of records and other documents housed at ROD office</li><li>Have requested a credit card reader to increase number of transactions/revenue (Pending)</li><li>Created and Developed a Register of Deeds Handbook for staff</li><ul><li>Contains step-by-step instructions for each task this office is responsible for</li></ul></ul><p><strong>First 60 days in office (1/5/17-2/4/17)</strong></p><ul><li>Established a Stakeholder Advisory Committee; Meeting Quarterly and next meeting is 4/25/17</li><li>Proposed to raise copying charge from .15 to .25 (pending)</li><li>Enforcement of NC General Statutes:</li><ul><li>Return postage eliminated </li><li>Non-Standard Document charges </li><li>Failure to return Marriage Licenses </li></ul><li>Developed Customer Satisfaction Survey for in-office transactions</li><li>Developed Daily ERROR Tracking Logs for staff to monitor error rate per staff</li><li>Moved staff off of counter computer for transactions</li><ul><li>Transactions can now be tracked per staff for accountability and monitoring</li></ul><li>Started an Operations Manual for this office</li><ul><li>Includes departmental policies and procedures</li></ul></ul><p><strong>First 90 days in office (2/5/17-3/4/17)</strong></p><ul><li>Web-Page redesign started</li><li>Started translating standard documents to Spanish</li><li>Have requested to expand E-recording to generate additional revenue (Pending)</li><li>Eliminated voucher accounts and moved to escrow per NCGS, assures collection of fees owed </li><li>Implemented Customer Satisfaction Survey online</li><li>Released first Press Release and Public Notification about being able to offer certified birth certificates for all NC Counties</li><li>Have started charging for notary acts not related to real estate transactions </li><li>Started disposal of Chattel Mortgages per NC Records Retention & Disposition Schedule</li><ul><li>Earliest records (1880-1940's) going to North Carolina Room at BCPL and Burke County History Museum</li></ul><li>Started disposal of copies of plats per NC Archives approval</li><li>Implemented a call tree for phone calls</li><ul><li>Includes other departments for public convenience</li></ul><li>Initiated additional FREE online training for indexing real estate transactions for staff </li><li>Developed Informational Brochures for Vital Records and Marriage Licenses</li><li>Added staff pictures and titles to web-page<br><br><strong> </strong></li></ul><p> </p>