Register's BiographyRegister's Biography<h1>About the Registrar</h1><p><br>Stephanie A. Norman was elected Burke County Register of Deeds in 2016. <br><br>Since taking office in 2016 as Register of Deeds, Ms. Norman has focused on improving customer service through the better use of technology and making information readily available to the public as quickly and efficiently as possible. Among her major accomplishments are:<br><br>Ms. Norman's numerous civic and professional activities include: <br>· 2016-present; member, North Carolina Notary Association, <br>· 2016-present; member, North Carolina Association Registers of Deeds, <br>· 2017-present Chair of Republican Women’s Group<br>· 2016-present Appointed to Burke County Council on Aging<br>· 2016-present; Secretary, Morganton Kiwanis Club<br> <br>Ms. Norman graduated from UNC-Asheville in 2000 with a B.A. in Psychology. She received her M.A. in Public Administration from Appalachian State University in 2015. She is married to Tim L. Norman.<br><br>She has 15+ years of proven and successful supervisory and management experience in public service. <br><br>Ms. Norman can be contacted by calling her office at 828-764-9430 or by email at<br> </p>