No-Till Drill Rental ProgramNo-Till Drill Rental Program<div style="margin:15px;float:right;box-shadow:5px 5px 5px;"> <img alt="No-Till Drill" src="/assets/PublishingImages/Soil%20and%20Water%20Conservation/No-Till%20Drill.gif" style="border-radius:5px;width:300px;height:215px;margin-top:0px;margin-left:5px;" /> </div><div style="margin:5px;"><p> </p><p>The Burke Soil and Water Conservation District No-Till Drill was provided through the generosity of the Golden Leaf Foundation and the North Carolina Foundation for Soil and Water Conservation. The drill is provided to raise the economic viability of small, limited resource, and/or minority owned/operated beef cattle farms in Burke County through the provision of a uniquely adapted no-till drill to the Burke Soil and Water Conservation District to be made available to targeted farmers for renovating/improving pastures on beef cattle farms, reintroducing in pastures low maintenance native grass species especially adapted to the area, and establishing wildlife food plots on farms for recreation and fee based hunting.</p><p> <strong>How do I get to use the drill?</strong></p><ul><li><p align="left">Schedule use of the drill with Lea-Ann Branch, Burke Soil & Water Conservation District - 828.439.9727 ext. 3.</p></li><li><p align="left">Receive orientation for drill calibration, operating procedures, safety and lessee responsibilities.</p></li><li><p align="left">Review and sign a lease agreement.</p></li><li><p align="left">Transport and use the drill responsibily.</p></li><li><p align="left">Return the drill by the due date noted in your lease agreement.</p></li><li><p align="left">Promptly pay the rental fee when billed.</p></li></ul></div>