Emergency Medical Services

Our Mission

To provide effective leadership and coordination in a comprehensive all hazards Fire Station 7approach to natural and man made disasters impacting Burke County.

Burke County Emergency Medical Services

We provide pre-hospital medical services to over 92,000 citizens of Burke County and cover all of the 511 square miles of the county. Burke County Emergency Medical Services currently has seven stations located across the county.

Non-Emergency Medical Services EMS Services

Burke County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) offers numerous response services other than pre-hospital medicine and transports. EMS also operates a Special Operations Unit that responds to Wilderness Medical situations, and special situations with Law Enforcement and Fire Departments, specialized coverage for Mass Gatherings and Special Events, and Mass Decontamination along with the Burke County Hazardous Materials Team and State Medical Assistance Team. 

Four Special Operations Team members serve as members of the NC Helicopter-Aquatic Rescue Team (HART) which serves as a Taskforce of North Carolina National Guard Helicopters and specialty trained Paramedics and Firefighters in the field of Operation Level Helicopter Technicians. The Special Operations Team is made up of EMS Staff with specialized training and physical requirements. The team operates with an expanded version of protocols for patient treatment under the Medical Director.

Pre-hospital Medicine has advanced tremendously in the past 35 years to an enhanced level of treatments and skills. Burke County Emergency Medical Services is on the cutting edge of pre-hospital care and continuing to strive for excellence in the field of Emergency Medicine.