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Promoting Health, Protecting the Environment is a statement that we take seriously at the Burke County Health Department. We promise to provide you with quality care from a highly qualified, friendly staff.

Please call ahead or stop by our offices to schedule an appointment for any services. Interpreters are available to assist you if needed. (Favor de llamar con anticipacion o bein de venir al Departamento de Salud, para hacer una cita para cualguier servicio. Hay Interpretes a su disposicion, quienes le asistiran si lo necesitara.)

The Burke County Health Department welcomes all comments and suggestions. Please call us to let us know what you think about the services we provide, our employees, the website, or any other thoughts. Your comments help us give you a better experience.

Current BCHD Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Burke County Health Department works as an integral organization in partnerships to detect and prevent disease, prepare, and respond to emergencies, protect the public from health threats and environmental hazards, evaluate programs, collaborate with other community partners and act as a catalyst for change, and educate our community about emerging and ongoing public health issues.

To view the full Strategic Plan, please click the link below.

BCHD Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Costs for Services

Costs vary for the individual programs. Insurance payment, Medicaid payment or payment based on a sliding scale fee chart (based on income and number of persons in household). Payment is due on the day of service. You must present your Medicaid and/or insurance card at the time of services. Call and ask about insurance, other than Medicaid, that is accepted.

The Burke County Health Department is a participant in the Debt Set off Collection Program with the State of North Carolina. Debts that are older than sixty days and greater than $50 will be submitted to the North Carolina Department of Revenue for collection against any income tax refund. Additionally, a $20 charge will be added to each account submitted for debt set off. You have the right to contest the debt set off action by filing a written request for a hearing with the Burke County Health Department if the request is submitted no later than 30 days from the postmarked date of the letter received.

No one will be denied services based on inability to pay.