Burke Wellness Initiative

What is the Burke Wellness Initiative (BWI)?  

BWI is made up of community members and shareholders who live and/or work in Burke County and love the community they serve. Our goals are to remain up to date on the latest health information in our county, carry out the Community Health Assessment process, and work strategically to develop a quality Community Health Improvement Plan.

Our Vision

The vision of the Burke Wellness Initiative is to promote health equity for all Burke County residents while remaining updated on relevant health statistics and addressing health in a holistic manner. 

Our Values

  • Access
  • Empowerment
  • Engagement
  • Equity
  • Collaboration 
  • Education
  • Integrity
  • Communication

Burke Wellness Initiative Member Agencies/Community

  • Burke County Board of Commissioners
  • Burke County Chamber of Commerce
  • Burke County Citizens
  • Burke County Cooperative Extension
  • Burke County Department of Social Services
  • Burke County Health Department
  • Burke County Public Schools
  • Burke County Sheriff's Office
  • Burke County United Way
  • Burke Recovery
  • Burke Substance Abuse Network

If you are interested in joining the BWI or learning more about it, contact Miranda Smith at 828.764.9220

  • Catawba Valley Healthcare
  • Faith Based Organizations 
  • Good Samaritan Clinic
  • Greenway Public Transportation
  • Partners Behavioral Health Management
  • The Outreach Center
  • UNC Health Blue Ridge
  • Western Piedmont Community College