Juvenile Crime Prevention Council


The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) consists of 26 members who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. 


Appointments are made for two-year terms. Except for ex officio members required by state statute to serve on the Council, members may be reappointed two additional terms with a total limit of six years service.


Membership shall represent all geographic areas of the County. The voting membership, which is up to 26 members, shall include if possible:

  • 2 persons under age 18 (one of whom is a member of the State Youth Council)
  • Chief Court Counselor or designee
  • Chief District Court Judge or designee judge
  • Chief of Police
  • County Commissioner
  • County Manager or designee
  • Director of Mental Health or designee
  • Director of Social Services or designee
  • District Attorney or designee
  • Health Director or designee
  • Juvenile defense attorney
  • Local School Superintendent or designee
  • Local Sheriff
  • Member of the business community
  • Member of the faith community
  • Parks and recreation representative
  • Substance abuse professional
  • United Way or nonprofit agency representative
  • Up to 7 members appointed by the County Commission

Membership term of office shall be July through June. The JCPC committee shall recommend to the Commissioners a replacement to fill an unexpired term.


The purpose of the council is to assess the needs of at-risk youth in Burke County giving particular attention to the offenders on a continuing basis. They also assist the county in planning delinquency prevention programs and recommending community-based alternatives to becoming involved in the justice system. Finally, they evaluate programs receiving community-based alternatives funds or recommend new programs for JCPC funds to meet the continued need.