Health Promotion

The Health Education Department works with individuals, families, work sites, and the community through many ways that improve their quality of life. A variety of program topics are available to meet your education needs.

The Health Education Staff works closely with many of the other programs in the Health Department. They also serve as public speakers in the school system and the community with programs such as hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy prevention and puberty. If you have a group or organization in the community that you would like them to present education too, they are glad to come out and talk by request. They have provided programs for job sites, community groups, church groups and many others.

Program Funding

Funding for the North Carolina (NC) Statewide Health Promotion Program is provided by the state and local appropriations. Funds are distributed to local health departments throughout the state to work with community partners to create policy and environmental promo 2

How the Program Helps

The NC Statewide Health Promotion program is part of the NC Division of Public Health and supports community-based programs that help to improve the health of North Carolina residents by reducing the prevalence of chronic diseases. Programs address at least one of three major chronic disease risk factors physical activity, poor diet and tobacco use.

Certain unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are risk factors for chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Burke County Health Department's health promotion program focuses on unhealthy lifestyle habits/behaviors that contribute to preventable disease and death. Over the next several years, the health promotion program will work collaboratively with the Healthy Burke partnership to assess and provide community programming to reduce the incidences of chronic diseases within Burke County.