The Burke County Health Department provides immunizations or "shots" for childrenimmun. and adults. The clinic is available every day of the week. Appointments are required. Minors must have a birth certificate and a parent I.D./proof of guardianship on file to be seen.

For more information about costs and availability call 828.764.9176 or 828.764.9177. 

Visit the North Carolina Immunization Branch to view up-to-date immunization news.

NC BACK TO SCHOOL Immunization Requirements

Twelfth Grade Entry Vaccine Requirements*

DTaP --5 doses

Polio--4 doses

MMR (or 2 measles, 2 mumps, 1 rubella)--2 doses

Hepatitis B--3 doses

Varicella--1 dose

Tdap-1 dose

Meningococcal conjugate (effective 2020-21 school year)-- 2 doses

*At all ages and grades, the number of doses required may vary by a child’s age and when they were vaccinated.

For more details of dosage and age requirements for the Meningococccal vaccine click here