Women, Infant & Children (WIC) Research

Research proves WIC makes a difference!

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  1. Does WIC Improve Health?
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  3. Benefits to Children

Evidence suggests that women who participate in WIC have improved pregnancy outcomes, resulting in healthier babies and reduced newborn medical costs. This benefits the infants and saves Medicaid millions of dollars in intensive neonatal care. Other studies' findings show that:

  • Newborn intensive care costs $2.4 billion, or about $15,000 a baby. The average cost of WIC benefits for a pregnant woman is less than $250 (source, 1985).
  • Children who participate in WIC were more likely to receive regular preventive health services and were better immunized than children who did not participate in WIC (National WIC Evaluation, 1987).
  • North Carolina Medicaid costs dropped by an estimated $744 for the first 50 days of life. In other words, for every dollar spent on prenatal WIC participation, North Carolina saved $3.90 in newborn Medicaid costs (WIC Medicaid Evaluation, 1992).
  • WIC benefits improved the quality of diet among infants and preschool children in the WIC Program (National WIC Evaluation, 1987).
  • WIC provides quality, cost-effective care to hundreds of thousands of North Carolina women, infants, and children.