Community Projects

The Burke County Sheriff's Office has been active in a number of projects and programs that will assist them in the performance of their jobs, thereby making Burke County a safer and better place to live for its over 90,000 citizens. These projects include:

Project Name Project Description
Community Watch Inactive community watch programs have been reactivated and many new programs have begun.
Prescription Drop Box The prescription drop box is a safe way to dispose of unused medications. You can bring all your unused medication to the Sheriff's Office or Valdese Police Department and deposit in the drop box. No glass, syringes, or liquids.
Most Wanted List Created a "Ten Most Wanted List" for Burke County which has resulted in the capture of a number of persons with outstanding warrants.
School Resource Officers Received funding from the Burke County Schools to place 11 school resource officers in middle and high schools.
Website and Email Created the website you are now viewing and established email. The website will keep citizens informed as to programs, press releases, and up-to-date coverage of crime in Burke County.
AFIS The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is currently installed at the Burke County Sheriff's Office. The AFIS machine is used to fingerprint potential daycare workers, teachers, etc. This instrument allows a much quicker identification of the person being fingerprinted over standard ink rolling.
Honor Guard Established an Honor Guard Unit in 1999, which has been used for numerous events. Very high standards must be met to be a member of the unit.
Social Media The Burke County Sheriff’s Office has entered the world of social media and is most active with its use of its Facebook Page,
The page is used to share press releases, used to solicit the public’s with cases, and provide the public with information about what’s going on in our county.
Boat Patrol The Sheriff's Office was able to purchase a Carolina Skiff with funds provided by the Burke County Board of Commissioners. 
Citizens Academy The Citizens Academy is a program that consists of twelve weeks of instruction that allows citizens the opportunity to participate in twenty-one blocks of instruction. These blocks of instruction provide citizens an insight into the duties and responsibilities of the Burke County Sheriff's Office.
Satellite Offices Established satellite offices in Rutherford College, Connelly Springs, Hildebran, and Lake James, which are manned by several officers during business hours in order to enhance the community policing concept. Each town provides the offices rent free. Also, a full time officer is assigned to the remote Jonas Ridge community in northwestern Burke County, due to the potentially long response time from Morganton.