Publications and Health Data

Community Health Assessment

Burke County Health Department in partnership with UNC Health Blue Ridge conducts a Community Health Assessment every three years. This document includes the most recent data available to the organization along with the feedback received through the community survey to inform our county’s health priorities for the next three years 

State of the County Health Report

In interim years between assessments, a State of the County Health Report is developed. This report provides updated data and the progress on the selected initiatives.

What is a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)?

A long term, systematic process to address public health issues within in a community. In more simple terms, the CHIP is putting the Community Health Assessment into action. The priorities that come out the of the assessment are the foundation of the CHIP. 

In the 2019 CHA , the  priorities selected were: 

  1. Substance Use Disorder
  2. Heart Disease/Stroke.

Click here to view the 2019-2023 Community Health Improvement Plan 

In the 2022 CHA, the priorities selected were:

1. Substance Use Disorder

2. Mental Health

3. Obesity with Risk Factors

2023-2027 CHIP coming soon!