Commissioners' Strategic Plan

FY 2023-2024 Board Strategic Goals

The Board’s strategic goals are broken into five focus areas: Community Advancement, Economic Growth & Sustainment, Public Safety & Well-Being, Fiscal Stewardship and Employer of Choice.

Community Advancement:  To invest in cultural capital and advancement strategies that promote participative governance that elevates a community to live, work and play – while also positioning Burke County as a community of choice.

Economic Growth & Sustainment:  Promotion of Burke County as a business and economic center in the region through recruitment of new industry, creating a healthy business climate for existing businesses. 

Public Safety & Well Being:  To ensure the safety of our residents through efficient and effective public safety agencies.

Fiscal Stewardship:  Pursuit of the high-performing organization model that ensures high quality, transparent and efficient use of public resources. 

Employer of Choice:  To promote a professional value-based employee centric workplace that promotes innovation, performance, integrity and differentiation. 

In March 2023, the Board of Commissioners held their annual planning session. The direction provided by the Board during the planning session will be used to update their strategic plan.  These goals guide budget prioritization, development, and implementation.   Several of the key goals associated with the FY 23-24 strategic plan are associated with multi-year capital planning and a focus on a developed deferred maintenance plan and building stock replacement.  These long-term commitments are further complimented by the County’s comprehensive master facility plan that was completed during 2020.

FY 23-24 Commissioners' Strategic Plan