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Bed Bath and Beyond

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This assignment is absolutely vital for the animals of BCAS. Tasks involve washing, drying, and folding animal bedding, towels, toys, and other laundry items, hand-washing bowls, toys, interactive feeders, and litter pans. Duties also include stocking the correct supplies once cleaned and dried and occasionally other cleaning duties as needed.


- Bed, Bath & Beyond volunteers should have the ability to use the equipment required for washing and drying linens and dishes.
- Ability to stand and walk for the entirety of the shift is important as no part of the tasks involved can be performed while seated
- Ability to handle mild cleaning chemicals such as laundry soap, bleach, dish soap, etc.
- Ability to handle heavily soiled animal linens


Volunteers interested in helping with the duties involved in the Bed, Bath & Beyond Assignment should take the following steps:
- After completing a volunteer application, attend a volunteer orientation and tour
- Schedule yourself for an available shift!

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