What are the approved disinfectants for COVID-19?

The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC) has compiled a list of products that have been pre-approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging enveloped viral pathogens and can be used during the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This product list is not exhaustive but can be used by business owners, health professionals, and the public to identify products suitable for use during the COVID-19 situation.

The information in this document is being provided as a public service. All efforts have been made to ensure the information is accurate, but ACC and CBC make no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information. ACC, CBC, and the product manufacturers listed in this document reserve the right to change, delete, or otherwise modify the information without any prior notice. Persons receiving this information must make their own determination as to a product’s suitability prior to use based on the product labeling. ACC and CBC do not guarantee or warrant the standard of any product referenced or imply approval of the product to the exclusion of others that may be available. All products listed are registered for labeled uses in accordance with federal laws and regulations as of the date this document is being made available. State regulations may vary. In no event will ACC or CBC be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon products to which the information refers

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